Do I have to be behind on payments to file bankruptcy?

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asked Dec 29, 2018 in Credit by dudetteoilyjoi (340 points)
Do I have to be behind on payments to file bankruptcy?

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answered Dec 29, 2018 by Marbevel (420 points)
If you're able to make on time payments to pay off the debt or creditors then you could still file bankruptcy however if you're able to pay the bills and are not behind on any payments then there's really no reason to file bankruptcy anyway.

When you get behind on payments and know that you will not be able to pay off the debt soon then it's time to file bankruptcy.

That is wait until you've gotten behind on payments and then as a last resort file bankruptcy to eliminate the debt but only do so if absolutely necessary as filing bankruptcy puts a ding on your credit report and credit score.

Also be aware that filing bankruptcy may not eliminate all your debt as some debt may still be collectable by debt collectors even after filing bankruptcy so it may not get rid of all your debt.

Filing bankruptcy shouldn't be done lightly and only as your only option.

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