How do you cope with living alone and getting bored?

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asked Dec 24, 2018 in Polls/Surveys by terminatier (330 points)
How do you cope with living alone and getting bored?

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answered Dec 24, 2018 by Timjman674 (360 points)
Living alone can be boring at times but now that I've lived alone for 12 years now I would never want to live with anyone else.

I love living alone and can run around the house naked if I want too, keep the house clean the way I want too, don't have to deal with a wife telling me what I can and can't do and not have to deal with the stress either.

I usually watch movies, watch Youtube, browse the internet or when I get bored in the house I go outside to my garage where I work on my car, mowers, or do some welding projects.

If I then get bored of that I go out to the bars and meet up with some people or just get out and take a walk.

After working on my job I love coming home to an empty house where I don't have to deal with anyone else.

Some people have a harder time living alone and need to socialize but for me I'm perfectly fine living alone.

I'm never getting married nor do I want to have any kids.

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