Why is it that the ceremony of marriage is significantly more important to women?

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Why is it that the ceremony of marriage is significantly more important to women?

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I will be very glad to your answers
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I think that’s a massive, massive overgeneralization. I don’t think that gender makes a whit of difference in this. There are plenty of women who don’t care about the actual wedding. My 24 year old daughter just got married in jeans in front of a judge, which was her choice. I myself didn’t care that much about either of the wedding ceremonies I had for my two marriages. Both were in parks with a minimum of fuss.

I think that it’s toxic gender roles and false ideas that are “sold” to women that makes them fixate on weddings. Also, the more we falsely tell women that they must have no lovers before their husbands or they’re “damaged,” the more of a big deal the wedding has to be, with all of the misogynistic crap about the father “giving” the daughter to her husband and other offensive garbage like that. Women who are empowered and make their own decisions are usually not all ‘bride-brained” and nuts over the convention of the wedding ceremony. That’s my honest belief and my honest observation.
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Its important to some women and likely due to a combination of social conditioning from infancy onwards and a holdover from the days when that legal contract was required to ensure that the man couldn’t leave her high & dry with nothing if he got bored. My wedding was in a traditional manner with a very beautiful script from the list https://www.weddingforward.com/wedding-ceremony-script/ and my DH even said that it had been the best day in his life. So it depends;)

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