Would you rather shop online or in a physical store?

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asked Dec 1, 2018 in Polls/Surveys by KahnRube (340 points)
Would you rather shop online or in a physical store?

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answered Dec 1, 2018 by Nrbates (280 points)
For clothing for myself I prefer to shop in a physical store so I can try the clothing on beforehand to see how it fits and how I like the clothing.

For other things such as electronics, kitchen tools and anything else I prefer to shop online to avoid standing in line at a checkout line or having to maneuver around the people in the aisles of the stores.

Shopping online is much easier and in most cases shopping online can be cheaper because sometimes you can avoid sales tax if the merchant doesn't have a physical location in your state.

The sales tax alone makes up for a good savings.

I also hate driving to stores, trying to find a parking spot, potentially losing my car in the parking lot and then walking into the store shopping and then coming back out and going home.

If possible I'd rather sit at my computer and do my shopping online.
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answered Mar 27 by kesteer (2,780 points)

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