What is backflow prevention?

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What is backflow prevention?

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Backflow Prevention devices are used to protect potable water systems from contaminates should the water try to backflow into the water system.

The backflow prevention device is basically a water valve that only allows water to flow in one direction under pressure and not backwards.

It's sole purpose and job is to prevent contamination of water supplies.

Backflow prevention devices also require frequent testing and inspection especially for commercial places.

Below is a picture of a backflow prevention device.

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A backflow prevention device is used to protect potable water supplies from contamination or pollution due to backflow. In water supply systems, water is normally maintained at a significant pressure to enable water to flow from the tap, shower, or other fixture. Water pressure may fail or be reduced when a water main bursts, pipes freeze, or there is unexpectedly high demand on the water system (for example, when several fire hydrants are opened). Reduced pressure in the pipe may allow contaminated water from the soil, from storage, or from other sources to be drawn up into the system. So it is very important thing. If you interested in such service I recommend to contact this company https://www.americanbackflowprevention.com/ for help.

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