How do you keep food warm while traveling?

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asked Nov 24, 2018 in Car by Ferminia (250 points)
How do you keep food warm while traveling?

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answered Nov 27, 2018 by Jodie (27,260 points)
To keep food warm while traveling wrap the food if possible inside of aluminum or tin foil as the foil will help keep the heat inside for at least a little while.

You can also place the warm food inside glass containers which help hold heat in better than plastic containers and if you have large dishes such as lasagna then place them in aluminum food pans and then cover them with cardboard to keep the heat in.

Another option is to buy a 12 volt electric heated portable lunch bag that keeps the temperature up enough to keep the food warm while traveling.

As long as you have the vehicle running the 12 volt electric lunch bag will keep the food warm while traveling to your destination.
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answered Nov 28, 2018 by Cris4s (560 points)
good foil layer and paper layer help very well

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