How can I hide my diapers under my clothes when wearing them around friends?

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asked Nov 17, 2018 in Incontinence by maskripiar (330 points)
How can I hide my diapers under my clothes when wearing them around friends?

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answered Nov 18, 2018 by Pamperslover (10,220 points)
A good way of concealing diapers under your pants is to use and wear a onesie or diaper shirt that snaps in the crotch over the diaper.

I wear a onesie when in public as it helps to conceal the diaper should my shirt ride up when I bend over and also prevents the diaper from sagging when it gets wet.

You could also wear a pair of boxers or underwear over the diaper to conceal the diaper from your friends and other people.

Wearing regular underwear or boxers and/or a onesie over the diaper can help keep the diaper out of view from people.

However if the people are really your true friends then they won't make fun of you for having to wear or wanting to wear diapers.
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answered Nov 18, 2018 by Kimb (2,260 points)
I have a friend who's incontinent and she has to wear diapers for the urinary incontinence and she did everything she could to hide her diaper from view but I accidentally saw the diaper.

She knew I saw it and was clearly embarrassed by me seeing her wearing a diaper but I consoled her and told her that I wasn't gonna make fun of her or put her down because of the diaper.

I'm a true friend of hers and the diaper doesn't matter to me.

It's something she has to wear and we all wore diapers as babies anyway so no one should be making fun of someone wearing diapers nor should anyone make fun of anyone for anything.

If your friends do spot you wearing diapers and they make fun of you or threaten to tell others about it then they're not your real true friends at all.

But yes a Onesie for adults is a good way of concealing a diaper from view.

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