How much does cash App charge to receive money?

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asked Nov 13, 2018 in Other-Finance by xtiano (180 points)
How much does cash App charge to receive money?

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answered Nov 13, 2018 by Cathy21 (28,990 points)
If I remember correctly if someone pays you from their cash app then there's no fee to receive the money however if they use a debit or credit card to pay you through your cash App then Cash App charges the merchant or person receiving the money a 2.9% fee per transaction plus another $0.30 fee per that same transaction.

So the cost to receive money through the Cash App would be $0.30 plus 2.9% of the transaction.
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answered Nov 14, 2018 by Cartagena (1,680 points)
Cash App is free to receive money from another cash app user but if someone pays you with a credit or debit card through cash app then there's the fee for credit card transactions that are 30 cents per transaction and then the fee of 2.9 % fee.

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