Where is the best place to hunt for an elk?

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Where is the best place to hunt for an elk?

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If you are serious about elk hunting and wanting to harvest an elk, then you will need to go out West somewhere. That is where the herds are that give you a decent chance of getting a license to harvest and actually getting a chance to harvest. The better states are: Utah, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming…

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I have hunted elk in CO, WY, and AZ., and have always preferred CO. That is probably a personal bias based on the number of years I lived there. My hunts in the other states were successful so success has no bearing on my preference. I did find the elk in AZ to be more like deer in that they really didn’t have any ‘high country’ to escape to, so they just kept to the forest and acted more like deer. I often go hunting! Now we have modern devices that makes this process more simple and interesting! For example scopes for day and night hunting, I can recommend ATN - https://www.atncorp.com/smart-hd-weapon-sight with not big prices, but with vary good capabilities. As for rifle I can recommend Winchester XPR Hunter Mountain Country Range Rifle.

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