What is the best night vision scope?

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asked Nov 5, 2018 in Other- Sports by fraddy (6,050 points)
Hi folk,

I am going to deer hunting. What is the best night vision scope?

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answered Nov 5, 2018 by poliq (6,220 points)

Currently you’ll get a get a lot of night vision scopes in the market. but it is a bit challenging to get the correct scope for the night shooting. you must have to consider few important features and factors before buy a night vision scope. I can recommend some scopes from my experience.

  • Sightmark Photon XT 4.6x42S
  • Bushnell NightVision 4.5x40 Equinox Z
  • ATN X-Sight II 3-14 Smart Riflescope
  • Armasight Vampire 3X
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answered Nov 5, 2018 by costy (6,550 points)

According to me, right now the ATN ThOR HD 384 smart thermal scope is the best you can find.

This product has a ballistic calculator which helps to determine the trajectory of the bullet. So, you will be able to find your target more easily. Through this magnificent ballistic calculator, you can adjust the point of impact which ultimately helps to improve your shot placement.

Also, it has the unique built-in rangefinder that helps to find your target more easily. If you want to improve your target shooting skills, this rangefinder may help you quite a bit. As you have this with you, you don’t need any external range finder to carry with you. This will be just enough for finding the perfect target. Read more here https://www.atncorp.com/thermal-scope-thor-hd

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