Looking for professionals for basement cleaning in NYC

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asked Jun 18 in Other-Home/Garden by saffarry (1,160 points)
Hi everyone! I have a lot of trash and dirt accumulated in my basement, and I can't find time to cleaning it myself. I think it's better to call professionals to clean everything quickly and efficiently. Maybe someone knows good companies that do professional basement cleaning in NYC?

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answered Jun 18 by Gammas (1,830 points)
I prefer to do my own basement cleaning. It saves money and most importantly, I am sure that everything is done properly. You can buy specialized products and tools for this, they can help make the cleaning more efficient
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answered Jun 18 by toshka (1,560 points)

If you need professional basement cleaning in NYC, then I recommend you to pay attention to the services available at the link https://erazer-kleenerz.com/nyc-basement-cleaning-services/ This is a great solution for those who appreciate cleanliness and order, but can't always find the time to cleaner on their own

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