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asked Jun 17 in Camping/RV by AlexK (280 points)
Which of the many transport services would you suggest for a comfortable and reliable transfer from Ben-Gurion Airport to Haifa? I am looking for a solution that guarantees a smooth transfer after a long flight, taking into account the specifics of the route and the quality of service.

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answered Jun 17 by MillerM (220 points)

I would like to suggest my own option. When I recently flew to Haifa, I needed reliable transportation from Ben-Gurion Airport. I chose for my transfer and have no regrets. The transfer from ben gurion airport to haifa was organized perfectly. The driver arrived on time, helped with my luggage and ensured a pleasant journey to Haifa. The car was in perfect condition and the driver was professional and courteous. If you are looking for a comfortable and reliable way to get to Haifa from Tel Aviv, I highly recommend ORMAX. Their service will make your trip easy and enjoyable.

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