How to check the status of a sent fax?

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Hi. I need to make sure my fax was sent successfully. How can I check its status?

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To check the status of a sent fax you can call the company or person you sent the fax to.

Or if you have used efax or other electronic online fax you should get a tax confirmation page.

A fax confirmation page, also known as a fax transmission report or fax receipt, is a one-page document verifying that a fax message was successfully delivered from the sender to the receiver.

The fax confirmation page is a fax confirmation receipt that contains information about the transmission.

Other ways to check the status of a fax you sent include.

Login to your Fax.
Under the tab for Sent, find the list of all your sent faxes.
Find the fax you wish to see the status of, and click on More (⋮).
Click on Fax Status.
You can see the fax status, duration, number of pages, telco area, and total cost (number of pages).

Although if you sent the fax through a regular old fax machine then you would need to contact the receiver of the fax to check if they got it.

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