How to organize conversion and tracking of Amazon Logistics parcels for buyers on eBay

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asked Jun 5 in Other-Finance by Gammas (1,870 points)
I've recently started online trading and faced the issue of converting and co-tracking with eBay customers the packages that are delivered by Amazon Logistics. I would like to know how to properly organize this process and provide customers with up-to-date information about the status of their orders.

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answered Jun 5 by saffarry (1,200 points)
I too have encountered this problem and have found a few ways to solve it. One of them is to use third-party parcel tracking services that automatically update information on eBay platforms.
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answered Jun 5 by toshka (1,580 points)

If interested in the topic of converting and tracking packages from Amazon Logistics for buyers on eBay, here's a link that might be helpful. There's information there on how to use AQUILINE tools to simplify this process and share tracking with buyers. I've only recently learned about these options myself and plan to explore this material to improve my online shopping experience

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