Looking for an experienced advertiser for a new campaign

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asked May 28 in Other- Society & Culture by jamesmurfyiii (1,180 points)
I am in urgent need of an experienced advertiser to launch a new advertising campaign. I understand that the right approach to advertising can have a significant impact on the success of our product. Perhaps someone has experience working with good specialists who are really good at what they do? I am interested not only in a creative approach but also in strategic thinking and the ability to analyze the market. I am looking forward to your advice and recommendations!

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answered May 28 by cicaf52514 (680 points)

Imagine, I got fascinated with the topic of making money online and decided to try affiliate marketing. I found a site that offers the best affiliate networks from Everad. It turned out to be a really useful thing. It has all the top offers for different niches, from health to finance. They provide a bunch of tools for analyzing and optimizing ads, which helps you understand faster what works and what doesn't. All clicks, conversions and revenue data is available in real time, so you can adjust your campaigns right away.

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answered May 28 by petrderbikov (1,130 points)
It's not just good, it's the best affiliate network I've ever used.

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