Can you sweat out a cold?

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asked Oct 22, 2018 in Other- Health by melokidio (230 points)
Can you sweat out a cold?

Is it possible to sweat out a cold virus and make the cold virus go away from sweating?

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answered Oct 22, 2018 by Joshuani (280 points)
Forcing your body to sweat by exercising or sitting in a steam room or heated air can help you feel a little better for awhile at least.

But you cannot actually sweat out the cold virus and can only temporarily relieve the cold symptoms.

There's not much you can do to get rid of a cold because there's really no cure at the moment for the cold virus.

Best you can do to get rid of a cold and help alleviate the symptoms of the cold virus are.

Stay hydrated, get plenty of rest, take some cold medicine, keep moisture in the air with a vaporizer or boil a pot of water and even taking a steamy hot shower can help with congestion.

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