How do I get rid of my current girlfriend?

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asked Oct 22, 2018 in Singles & Dating by melokidio (230 points)
How do I get rid of my current girlfriend?

I have a girlfriend that I'm now not really loving anymore and I really need to break up with her because I have another girlfriend who I love even more.

How can I get rid of my current girlfriend and let it out to her easy without hurting her?

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answered Oct 22, 2018 by Lilly21 (56,670 points)
You can either text your girlfriend and tell her that you're gonna break up with her or tell her in person.

Telling your girlfriend in person is much better than texting her that you're breaking up with her.

When telling her about the breakup just cut to the chase and say something such as (I really loved being with you but I don't think our relationship is gonna work out and I now have a new girlfriend that I find more compatible.

I'm sorry that our relationship has to end this way but It's for the best.)

She may be hurt for awhile but eventually she'll get over it and find a new more compatible boyfriend.

Believe me I've been hurt by breakups but eventually got over the breakups and found a new boyfriend who's now my husband.

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