What are the best funds to invest in for 2024?

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asked May 11 in Financial Aid by Jack4545 (600 points)

As I plan my investments for the next year, what funds should I consider for potential growth?

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answered May 12 by gatepeeper (7,550 points)
The best funds to invest in for 2024 are Index funds, Invesco QQQ trust, Value Stocks, Dividen Stocks,  Vanguard Growth ETF, Stocks, Real Estate, Mutual funds, Certificates of deposit, Fidelity 500 Index Fund, Fidelity U.S. sustainability Index Fund, Bonds, Schwab emerging markets equity etf and Fidelity zero large Cap index.

CDs, high-yield savings accounts, and money market funds are the best places to keep your cash when it comes to interest rates.

Treasury bills currently offer attractive yields at the lowest risk.
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answered May 12 by Cody Powell (1,160 points)

For insights on where to invest in 2024, I'd recommend checking out this guide that highlights the top funds to invest in 2024 It provides a list of promising investment options that are well-suited for diversifying your portfolio in the upcoming year.

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