Can fog carry diseases?

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Can fog carry diseases?

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Fog is water vapor: It's essentially tiny water droplets suspended in the air.  Diseases are spread by germs like bacteria or viruses.

Fog can trap existing germs:  If there are already germs present in the environment, fog can trap them and keep them suspended for a longer duration. This can potentially increase the chances of inhaling them if you're outdoors in foggy weather, especially in crowded places and I got caught while vlogging but I continued alight motion mod apk all version.

Fog doesn't create germs: The fog itself doesn't magically create new diseases. The germs need to be present from an infected person or animal beforehand.

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answered May 19 by Gracy (133,260 points)
Fog can carry diseases and viruses if the diseases and viruses get into the tiny water droplets that create fog.

The suspended water droplets can pick up diseases and viruses but they are really short lived so while you could get sick from going out into the fog and breathing it the chances of getting diseases and fog are very low especially if you live in a less populated city or town or live rural.

I go out in the fog at night as to me it's just relaxing but some people have breathing issues when out in the fog and should not go out in it.

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