What does the Bible say about mirrors?

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What does the Bible say about mirrors?

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What the Bible says about mirrors is the Bible does not show any instance of someone using, as opposed to contributing, a mirror yet it does offer a potent use of mirror imagery.

There's also an analogy here of the word of god being like a mirror that not only do we read it, it also reads us.

Jame's analogy is that when you look in the mirror, the mirror tells you what to change.

When you point two mirrors at each other or put a mirror in front of a mirror an infinite virtual image will be created which is an image you cannot touch.

The same image is basically flipped as it would be in a flat/plane mirror and for an infinite number of times while getting smaller each time.

Mirrors facing each other create what's known as an "infinity mirror" effect.

The infinity mirror effect is a series of reflections that appear to go on forever.

It can be super trippy to look at and a cool trick of optics, but it's not a gateway to the netherworld.

When you have two mirrors across from each other, they are streaming energy back and forth between them.

This is definitely something you do not want if they are placed in an area that you sit or sleep between.

This is way too much energy for a relaxing or peaceful space.

If you place two mirrors facing each other in a dark room, legend says you have created a ghost portal through which spirits can pass.

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