Tinder in 2018?

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asked Oct 13, 2018 in Family by herdas (2,090 points)
Do you think it is a good way to find someone?

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answered Oct 13, 2018 by JamesWalla (450 points)
Tinder can be a great place to meet people and my sister met her boyfriend on Tinder and so far everything is going great with their relationship.

So yes in my opinion Tinder can be a great place to meet someone and a great way to find someone.
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answered Oct 14, 2018 by kesteer (3,940 points)
edited Oct 16, 2018 by kesteer

Hi there! I don't like Tinder, I have to say... I would rather go for something like the service from https://listcrawler.com and I realy like it. I think you might find it interesting too, take a look there

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