Jennifer Crumbley moved to Prison

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Jennifer Crumbley moved to prison to start her sentence.

Jennifer Crumbley the mother of Ethan Crumbley moved to prison to start her sentence.

Below is the link to her inmate information.

Jennifer Crumbley Prison Mugshot

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It looks like she has tears running down her face and she is upset that she is in prison but sadly she is where she deserves to be.

James and Jennifer Crumbley deserve to be in prison for what they did.

Although James and Jennifer Crumbley themselves didn't carry out the shooting it was them that allowed access to a gun for their child to access and be able to kill the students.

If the parents had kept the gun locked up when they were not around and kept it away from Ethan where he could not access the gun, then the shooting would've never happened.

Guns are okay to have and children can learn to use guns but the teen or child should never have free access to the gun.

However I would never allow my child to have any gun with all the shootings taking place today and I certainly would not allow access to a gun or have a gun around a child that had mental health issues or said he was seeing things and needed help.

Ethan's parents dismissed him about his pleas for help and didn't take him home from school or get him any help and told him to just suck it up.

This should serve as a reminder of how parents should be responsible for getting their child help and for keeping guns away from their kids.

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