In Search of Canine Calm

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asked Mar 21 in Other- Sports by Turip (1,000 points)
My golden, Daisy, has the energy of a tornado. Last week, she turned my garden into a moonscape. I love her spirit, but we need some balance. Hoping to find a dog training program that can channel her zest in a positive direction. Does anyone know a place where they teach more than just the basics?

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answered Mar 21 by bubalex (5,250 points)

Ah, Daisy sounds like a force of nature, much like my own bundle of joy, Luna! Luna once thought our living room was her personal obstacle course. Couch cushions in the air, coffee table on its side – you name it, she turned it into her playground. That's when I knew we needed more than just basic commands. We needed a way to harness that energy positively. Enter . Not only did they offer beyond-the-basics training, but they also understood Luna’s high-spirited nature and worked with it, not against it. The transformation was eye-opening. She still has her spark, but now it's channeled into activities that don't involve redecorating my house. Daisy might just find her perfect balance there, too. Here's to hoping your garden can be a garden again!

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