Puppy Parenting Woes?

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asked Mar 21 in Other- Sports by bubalex (5,250 points)
Alright, I could really use some advice here. I recently adopted the most adorable little mutt from the shelter, and while I'm head over heels in love with the little guy, he's been a handful to say the least. Potty training has been a nightmare, and he has a bad habit of chewing on everything in sight – shoes, furniture, you name it. My apartment is starting to look like a war zone! I've tried every trick in the book, but nothing seems to be sticking. A friend suggested looking into professional dog training, but I'm not sure where to start. Can you recommend any reputable trainers or classes in the area that might be able to whip this pup into shape? I'm at my wits' end and could really use some help!

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answered Mar 21 by Turip (1,000 points)

I feel you on the struggle with a new pup! When I adopted my rescue Benny, potty training was an uphill battle and he loved chewing on everything. I tried all the usual tricks but nothing seemed to really work. I was at my wit's end as a first-time owner.
That's when a friend recommended professional training at training for Puppies in Austin, TX and it was a total game-changer. Their trainers are miracle workers.
Within weeks, they had Benny's potty training on track using positive reinforcement. And get this - they taught him to stop chewing my belongings by redirecting to appropriate toys. No more destruction!
I can't say enough about ATX K9. The training gave us the tools to communicate effectively and build a strong bond. If you're struggling with basic obedience or behaviors, 100% look into their services. Having an expert guide made all the difference.

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