Some photos of diaper boy Jared I have and wanted to share

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asked Mar 21 in Diaper Videos by forcediaperedaskid (300 points)

Here are some photos I have of diaper boy Jared that I wanted to share with others on here. 

Hope others enjoy these pictures like I do.

According to the image properties on my computer these pictures were taken in October of 2001.

Diaper Boy Jared10 year old diaper boy pampers Jared

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answered Mar 22 by Diaperboy1988 (4,410 points)
I love diaper boy Jared too.

I had one picture of diaper boy Jared that showed handcuffs hanging on the wall above the bed he was in so it showed he was into being cuffed in diapers.

I do that myself sometimes and have a friend cuff me in bed or to something wearing just diapers and it's so fun.

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