Potty Training my 3 year old boy but he is not getting it should I quit and put him back in diapers?

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Potty Training my 3 year old boy but he is not getting it should I quit and put him back in diapers?

I'm on day 14 of potty training my 3 year old boy, and I'm ready to quit and put him back in diapers and try later.

He goes to the potty every 20 minutes.

He is in training underwear.

He has stickers charts and smarties. We've managed to have all accidents minus 2 times.

He can tell me he had pooped.

 He knows when he has peed.

He showed interest in the potty, briefly.

I'm sending him to daycare from Tues-Thurs with a million underwear and pants.

I'm suddenly worried this isn't going to work.

I don't want to give up and confuse him by putting him back in diapers, but this doesn't seem to want to work and I think I should just go back to diapers for him and wait a few months or so later?

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answered Mar 20 by Gracy (133,260 points)
I would recommend that you put your 3 year old son back in diapers and wait awhile.

It sounds to me that your 3 year old son is not quite ready to potty train since he is having so many accidents and needing so much changing of clothes and underwear.

When your child is ready to potty train and stop wearing diapers they should have very few accidents and wet or dirty clothes and underwear.

Put your 3 year old back in diapers, save your sanity and take a break.

Some kids don't potty train and get out of diapers until 4 years old and even 5 years old.

There's no rush to potty train and kids will eventually potty train when they are ready.

My nephew is 6 and just got potty trained but wears a diaper at night because of bed wetting which is normal.

My 6 year old nephew was still in diapers full time and not using the potty until just recently when he turned 6.

While 6 is pretty old to still be in diapers it's okay but most kids will potty train by 4 or 5.
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If your 3 year old is not getting the potty training then it may simply be that he is not ready and going back to diapers for awhile is a good idea.

Boys are harder to potty train than girls and most boys take longer to potty train than girls do.

The reason girls are easier to potty train than boys is because girls tend to be more advanced in their language and physical development and these skills help the girls potty training move forward easier.

Boys tend to be less advanced in language and physical development which prevents the potty training from moving forward as it should.

The most common age to potty train boys is between the ages of 2 years old to 3 years old.

Most boys are potty trained by age 3 although some boys may not potty train until age 3 and 1/2 years to 4 years old.

Some boys are potty trained as early as 18 months of age but even when you begin potty training at 18 months the child still needs lots of help with using the toilet.

When it's all said and done even starting as early as 18 months the child is not fully potty trained and able to use the toilet independently until age 3 to 3 and 1/2 years old.

If you wait until at least 3 years old the boy will have better bladder control and be more able to get to the toilet on their own and pull their pants up and down and wipe without much or any assistance.

I've always waited until my kids were 3 before even beginning potty training and went straight to underwear without using pull ups.

Once they were 3 my kids both boys and girls all potty trained within a few weeks to a few days.

When you potty train as early as 18 months or under 2 years to 3 years old it's more the parents being trained to take the child to the toilet and remind the child to use the toilet.

If you potty train before 3 you will be dealing with lots of accidents which means in reality the child is not ready.

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