Ever been arrested when wearing a diaper?

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Ever been arrested when wearing a diaper?

I was arrested a few days ago for a traffic ticket warrant after I got stopped by the police for a tail light being out.

I had simply forgot about the ticket and failed to pay and a warrant was issued and I was unaware.

I stayed overnight and saw a judge the next day and was out on bond.

I was wearing a wet Super Dry Kids diaper and some of the inmates laughed but I didn't let it bother me.

The guards in the jail had me take off the diaper to check for any illegal things etc like they normally do and I just threw the diaper away as it was wet.

I told them I was not incontinent and I just wore them because I wanted too.

It was not as bad as I thought it would be.

Hopefully though that is the last time I get arrested.

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Never been arrested wearing a diaper but when I was 8 I was picked up by the police for skipping school and went to the Juvenile detention center for a week.

I was not wearing a diaper thankfully then.

But as I wet the bed I was told I needed to wear diapers when in their for sanitary reasons.

I was thankfully in a single cell without anyone else and could change into and out of the diaper which was just an Attends Youth diaper.

It was pretty comfortable and It did help me sleep better for the time I was in there.

I was so glad when I got out though and never skipped school after that because as much as school sucks being locked up in Juvenile detention sucked more.

If I were you I would've been really nervous and really embarrassed about being seen by others in the jail wearing the ABU super dry kids diaper but good to hear everything went okay.

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