Barking Up the Right Tree?

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asked Feb 25 in Other- Sports by bubalex (5,250 points)
Yo, peeps! Caught a glimpse of my buddy’s dog acing the "stay" command at a busy park, all thanks to Family Dog Training in our area. My furball, Luna, can barely sit still for a photo! Thinking of giving them a shot. Anyone else have experiences with them? Would love to hear more before diving in!

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answered Feb 26 by Turip (1,000 points)

Hey yo! I feel you on the struggles of training a high energy pup. My little Luna used to be all over the place too. I actually checked out Smarty Paws Dog Training in Pecan Grove instead of Family Dog Training. The trainers there use 100% positive reinforcement methods tailored to your dog's unique needs. We did private lessons plus the puppy playgroups for socialization. Luna loved it! She's like a different dog now, listening attentively and focused on me when we're out and about. The reward-based approach at worked wonders for my excitable girl. If you're looking for a positive, customizable program, I'd definitely suggest checking them out. Let me know if you have any other questions! Wishing you and Luna the best of luck with training!

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