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asked Feb 23 in Programming/Design by toshka (1,440 points)
Hi! I've decided to create my own application and now I'm thinking: is it worth it to dig into the code myself or is it easier to turn to a pro? It's interesting to hear from those who have already made their own apps, what difficulties they encountered and whether it's worth it at all to get involved with self-development.

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answered Feb 23 by Gammas (1,690 points)

Making an app on your own is a real adventure! The theory from the book is worthless when you start putting it into practice. If you don't want to torture your head, the easiest thing to do is to turn to professionals. They are like real masters in this business, they will do everything you need quickly and without any problems. Here are the contacts of app development company

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answered Feb 23 by saffarry (1,060 points)
If I were you, I would scour YouTube for video tutorials. I've made an app myself - there are a lot of difficulties, but it's cool and educational. The main thing is to have the time and nerves to create your own piece application.
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answered Feb 24 by DelliMall (580 points)

I think it’s better to entrust this matter to professionals and not delve into the code yourself, but of course you know better . I contacted them, they have a lot of experience and a lot of programs, libraries and codes. They create impressive, fast and visualized applications.

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answered Mar 10 by pawpaw (2,780 points)

A mockup is a prototype of a future product that is created to demonstrate its main functions and appearance. Unlike a full-fledged product, a mockup does not have working functionality, but allows you to evaluate ease of use, arrangement of elements and overall design. It can be created in the form of drawings on paper, sketches in graphic editors or interactive prototypes in special programs. Often, creating mockups is the first step in developing new products and services. If you want free mockups for your project, visit website and choose the best solution

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