Kindergarten and still in diapers?

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Kindergarten and still in diapers?

My nephew will start kindergarten this August, but he isn't potty trained at all.  

My sister seems to think he can still go to school.

 I am positive he can't.

No teacher is going to change his diaper. Anyone been through this?

If hes not trained by August, he has to wait until the following year, correct?

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answered Feb 21 by Ratiguga (20,820 points)
You are correct in that your nephew will not be able to attend Kindergarten in diapers if not potty trained.

However that is if your sister lets the school know that he is in a diaper and not potty trained.

My own son was still in diapers when he went to Kindergarten but I didn't tell the teacher and he continued to wear them even after being potty trained until 10 years old as he was afraid of the toilets.

After being potty trained he experienced some bullying in the school bathroom and so he wanted to wear and use diapers instead and I let him.

He finally got over his fear after age 10 and then would use the toilet and no longer wear diapers to school.

As for the boy going to school in diapers he could attend Kindergarten in diapers as long as he does not need to be changed through the day.

At Kindergarten age your child should be able to change into a new diaper himself if you teach him.

My son would hold it and only pee every so often and would wait until he got home to poop his diaper and so he didn't need changed at school.

My son at 5 was wearing Pampers diapers and then later he wore Gentle Steps size 7 diapers which are very absorbent and plain white.

The teachers will not change diapers as they are not licensed to do so unless they are in a special needs class.

A school nurse would be the one to change diapers on students but will only do so when they really need diapers and not just because they are not potty trained.

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