Should I be scared of lizards?

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Should I be scared of lizards?

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You shouldn't be scared of lizard as lizards are mostly harmless and will not bite or harm you unless they are provoked or they see you as a threat.

Lizards can actually keep other insects and pests away from your home.

Plants that attract lizards are rengarenga, tussock grasses and Ferns which also provide thick ground cover and also attract insects for the lizards to eat.

Indoor plants and other plants that keep lizards away are Mint plant, Basil Plant, Lavender plants, Citronella plants, Lemongrass plants, Catnip, Rosemary, Sage, Peppermint and Marigolds.

At night lizards go and hide in brush, under or behind rocks, benches, under sheds, in cracks and crevices etc or anywhere else they find a safe and comfortable place.

If a lizard makes sound it means that the lizard is trying to communicate fear, discomfort or trying to communicate or mate with other lizards.

Some lizards do make noise although most lizards do not make noises.

Only a a few of the 5,000 species of lizards make any noise and Geckos are the most common lizard to make noises such as clicking sounds, squeaks and chirps.

Lizards can climb walls and they use a molecular connection through tiny hairs on their feet to climb straight up walls and across ceilings.

Lizards when outside tend to hide outside in and around raised garden beds, in weeds, brush, behind sheds, benches, under sheds, under leafs etc.

Inside lizards tend to hide behind furniture and behind cupboards.

Lizards bite and will bite when they feel threatened as a means of self defense.

Most bites from lizards occur when people try to catch the lizards in their hands or try to remove them from yards or homes.

Lizards do remember you after they've been around you for awhile as lizards have a good ability to recognize people.

Lizards can see humans and other things around them as lizards can see just as good and even sometimes better than humans.

Lizards can hear you and most lizards also have very good auditory sensitivity over a range from 100 hertz to 4,000 hertz but most lizards also have relatively poor hearing for lower and higher tones.

The group that lizards and snakes are in is Squamata which are scaled reptiles.

Skinks are not related to snakes although they resemble snakes but skinks are lizards instead of snakes and belong to the Scinidae family.

The kind of lizard that looks like a snake with legs is the Western Red Tailed Skink that has smooth ski, small legs and can disappear very easily.

The lizard that moves like a snake is the legless lizard or glass lizard.

The legless lizard or glass lizard looks like a snake but isn't a snake.

A large lizard that looks like a snake is the legless lizard.

The black lizard that moves like a snake and also looks like a snake are Glass lizards which are long, slender, legless lizards which superficially resemble snakes.

However the glass lizard differs from snakes though in that they have moveable eyelids, inflexible jaws and external ear openings.

The animal that is often mistaken for a snake is the legless lizard.

The biggest difference between between snakes and legless lizards is that legless lizards possess earholes and eyelids while snakes lack both.

In addition, legless lizards can have legs.

Another key difference is that snakes swallow their prey whole while legless lizards hunt mostly insects and smaller bugs.

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