James Crumbley Father of Oxford High School Shooter seeks trial venue change due to jury pool concerns?

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James Crumbley Father of Oxford High School Shooter seeks trial venue change due to jury pool concerns?

Less than a month before jury selection begins, the father of the Oxford High School shooter wants his trial moved outside of Oakland County because his attorney argues the jury pool is tainted.

James Crumbley is facing four counts of involuntary manslaughter stemming from the mass shooting his son carried out in November 2021.

Crumbley's attorney, Mariell Lehman, wrote in a motion filed Wednesday that all the media attention surrounding his wife's case will make it challenging to find an impartial jury.

Legal observers say such a change of venue request in a high-profile case like this is quite common, but it is rarely granted.

"Just because you live here doesn't mean that you've necessarily been exposed? Or if you have been exposed, can you put biases and things aside?" Terry Johnson, a defense attorney not associated with the case, told CBS News Detroit.

A Wayne County judge said there are three key factors Oakland County Judge Cheryl Matthews will consider.

"The publicity surrounding the case, any public sentiment and logistical feasibility of moving it to another place," said 36th District Court Judge Kenneth J. King.

In their response to the defense's motion, the prosecution said that while a large number of people were affected, it didn't prevent Crumbley from receiving a fair trial or from having a fair and impartial jury like his wife did.

They also point out that the court previously denied his change of venue request and should stick to that ruling.

"Everybody wants a fair trial. And that's what this was about.

This is not about a tactical advantage, one way or another," Johnson said.

"We want to make sure in the legal community that he is entitled to a fair trial like anyone would be and is a fair trial in Oakland County, or is it elsewhere? That's up to Judge Matthews to determine."

Unless anything changes, jury selection is set to begin on March 5.

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I would say that James Crumbley is screwed either way since his wife Jennifer Crumbley was found guilty of Manslaughter and is headed to prison soon for at least 15 years although she may spend 30 years to 60 years in prison which would be the rest of her life most likely.

James Crumbley will also be found guilty either way no matter who the Jurors are and will be spending 15 years or more in prison.

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