Where does tongue cancer usually start?

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Where does tongue cancer usually start?

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Tongue cancer usually starts in the thin, flat cells which line your tongues surface which are called squamous cells.

Tongue cancer which starts in these cells is called squamous cell carcinoma.

Squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) of the anterior two thirds of the tongue is the second most common oral cancer, with the lateral border being the most common location.

The symptoms of tongue cancer are a lump on the side of the tongue that touches the teeth.

The lump often looks like an ulcer and is grayish-pink to red.

The lump bleeds easily if bitten or touched.

Tongue cancer is the most common area of mouth cancer in the U.S. and occurs in the front two-thirds of the tongue (base of tongue cancer is known as an oropharyngeal or throat cancer).

Tongue cancer is known to be high risk for spreading to the lymph nodes within the neck.

Symptoms of tongue cancer are also very similar to symptoms of other types of oral cancer.

These signs are often mistaken for a cold that won't go away, or a persistent sore in the mouth.

Other tongue cancer symptoms may include: Persistent tongue and/or jaw pain.

Mouth and tongue cancer can cause pain or a burning sensation when chewing and swallowing food.

Or you might feel like your food is sticking in your throat.

In early stages, tongue cancer can be treated by surgical removal or radiation therapy.

One surgery, called a glossectomy, may be performed to remove part or all of the tongue.

Cases in more advanced stages may have surgery followed by radiation therapy and chemotherapy.

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