Jumping on the DevOps Train

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asked Feb 14 in Other- Sports by bubalex (5,250 points)
It seems like DevOps is becoming an essential approach for software teams to adopt these days. As someone leading development for a growing company, I know very little about properly implementing DevOps despite all the benefits I hear, from increased deployment velocity to improved quality. Before trying to get buy-in from my execs to transform how my teams operate, I want to find useful, practical resources from blogs that can teach me the keys to successfully adopting DevOps. Any recommendations?

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answered Feb 29 by Turip (1,000 points)

I definitely understand the desire to deeply research before proposing big changes! When I advocated shifting our newspaper’s printing presses to digital publishing workflows, skepticism abounded on disrupting our bread and butter physical distribution. I immersed myself in understanding industry innovations before countering critiques. Stumbling upon the blog A Developer’s Journey proved a journalism jewel - their https://www.a-dev.tech/transforming-software-development-organizations-with-devops/  guide provided that insider view into the art of possible with DevOps. The key performance indicators analysis was perfect ammunition for my executives, while cultural tips armed me to lead editorial’s mindset shift from print-centric to platform-agnostic storytelling. The insights instilled confidence reminiscent of when I first took on investigative reporting, turning unknowns into front page revelations through diligent study. Information is power; patience, persuasion! Here’s to envisioning futures.

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