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asked Feb 13 in Financial Aid by Turip (1,000 points)
Bit of a quirky scenario here: inherited an ancient family business that's still stuck in the '80s—think paper logs, fax machines, the works. Dreaming of dragging it into the 21st century with a bang-up app. Any leads on a Software Development Company that's into digital makeovers? Need a tech wizard, stat!

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answered Feb 16 by bubalex (5,010 points)

Oof, modernizing a legacy family business sounds like a big task! But so rewarding when you can drag those paper logs into the digital age. For finding the perfect development partner, I'd suggest software development company . They recently helped transform my grandmother's antique shop from 100% offline to integrated online sales, appointment booking, inventory management, the works. Mayura's team revamped her entire system and got her business thriving in the modern world. They were so patient answering all my grandma's questions and made sure she felt comfortable with the tech. I know Mayura would give your family biz the digital makeover it needs while keeping the heart intact. Reach out and see if they're up for another legacy refresh challenge! Wishing you luck!

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