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asked Feb 8 in Other- Sports by bubalex (5,250 points)
As a 22 year old new to the full-time workforce, I’m hoping to get an early start building my financial literacy and nest egg. Do you know any respected personal finance blogs suited specifically to young adults new to money management? I’d love to soak up any wisdom I can about topics like creating a budget, opening the right investing accounts, navigating taxes, and exploring low-risk, sustainable investing options. Starting healthy money habits early feels so important to build security for the future, especially on an entry-level salary. Any blog recommendations to point this eager newbie in the right direction?

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answered Feb 8 by Turip (1,000 points)

Hey there! As a young 20-something myself, I totally get the drive to start building good financial habits early. Managing money can feel super overwhelming at first, but you're smart to try and get a handle on it now.

A few personal finance blogs I found really helpful when I was just starting out:

The Financial Diet - lots of practical tips for budgeting, saving, investing aimed at millennials. Love their no-nonsense, judgement-free approach.
Broke Millennial - the blog title cracks me up, but there's actually a ton of solid advice in here, especially on getting started with investing.
Funding20s - short reads with specific action steps to take at different life/career stages.
I'd also recommend checking out https://thetradingbible.com/inverted-head-and-shoulders-pattern-meaning
Getting into trading and investing can seem really intimidating, but that site breaks it down with easy-to-follow examples. Who knows, you might just discover a knack for technical analysis! I sure wish I'd started learning about that stuff sooner.

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