How do I get diapers without my parents knowing?

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answered Feb 9 by saggydiaprboy (320 points)
To get diapers without my parents knowing I would take a backpack with me to a store and then leave my backpack on my bicycle and it would be empty.

Then I would go into the store and purchase the diapers in a package and then after paying for them and coming out the door I would place them in my backpack.

Then I would bring then in the house as normal and my parents would never think anything different.

Sometimes I would put something in it like a game, book etc and say I was going to my friends house and then just go to the store instead and stay out somewhere long enough to make it seem like I was visiting my friend and then return as normal with my backpack and diapers and could easily get them in the house without my parents knowing.

I would hide my diapers in my closet way back behind some stuff that my parents never went through.

When I wore diapers I would wear pants or shorts and wore them around my parents and they never found out.

As for disposing of the diapers I always took my own trash out and had my own trash can so that part was easy.

Some people have to sneak the diapers into a trash can or outside to dispose of or take them to another trash can.
commented Feb 10 by JacksonT1B1 (200 points)
Oh thanks!

I'm worried my parents will go through my stuff.

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