What happens when you have unpaid medical bills?

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What happens when you have unpaid medical bills?

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When you have unpaid medical bills the unpaid medical bills will eventually be sent to collections and then the collection agencies will try to contact you either by phone or by mail and harass you by phone and mail until you pay up or until the statute of limitations is up which is usually 7 years.

The unpaid medical bills will also cause your credit score to drop by at least 20 points and overtime your credit score could drop even more.

Medical bills are some debt that no one unless they're rich will be able to pay so it's important to have health insurance or medicaid, medicare to cover the cost of going to the doctor or the hospital.

When you die then they may try to collect on the medical bills owed by selling your assets unless a spouse has ownership of those assets and the statute of limitations has run out.

Creditors have up to 7 years where they can legally chase you or sue you for debt owed and if the collection agency or original creditor hasn't sued you or collected the money for the debt in 7 years then they can no longer legally force you or chase you for the debt owed.

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