What is a certificate of celibacy in the USA?

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In the United States, a certificate of celibacy is not a standard or commonly issued document by government authorities. The foreign authority may ask any non-resident to present this proof of bachelorhood or single status. It is also called a certificate of freedom to marry.  Unlike in some other countries where celibacy certificates may be required for certain official purposes, such as marriage registration or immigration, the concept of a celibacy certificate is not recognized or mandated by U.S. law.

In the context of immigration to the United States, there is no specific requirement for a celibacy certificate. However, individuals may be required to provide evidence of their marital status as part of the immigration process, such as marriage certificates or divorce decrees if applicable.

Similarly, for marriage registration purposes, different states in the U.S. have varying requirements, but celibacy certificates are generally not among them. Instead, individuals typically need to provide identification, proof of age, and sometimes proof of divorce or widowhood if applicable.

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