Is Moog a Chinese company?

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Is Moog a Chinese company?

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Moog is not a Chinese company as Moog was founded in the USA in 1919 although it was also launched in Europe in 2001 to much acclaim.

Moog Automotive is owned by Federal Mogul.

 Moog Automotive is a wholly separate company, not related in any way to Moog Inc.

Moog is a worldwide designer and manufacturer and integrator of precision control components and systems.

Moog parts are made in different places around the world with some Moog parts being made in the USA and others made in China.

The company that makes Moog parts is H.p. and Alva.

Moog parts are made in different parts of the world which includes the USA and some Moog parts are made in China.

Moog auto parts was founded in 1951 by Bill Moog.

Moog is an OEM or original equipment supplier.

Moog auto parts are high quality and they can provide high quality OEM replacement auto parts.

I use Moog auto parts on my vehicles and they are very good quality parts.

Moog does have a lifetime warranty but the Moog warranty is a limited lifetime warranty.

According to Moog on their warranty.

Limited lifetime warranty on chassis – Mile after mile, MOOG premium chassis parts are engineered to ensure they'll be the last ones installed on your vehicle.

It's why Moog backs each one with a limited lifetime warranty.

MOOG is an industry-leading brand of premium replacement steering, suspension, wheel end and driveline products for passenger car, light truck, SUV, medium- and heavy-duty vehicles.

Aftermarket parts come from places such as China, Taiwan, Mexico, India etc.

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