Where are Rockauto parts made?

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Where are Rockauto parts made?

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Rockauto parts are made in different locations depending on the parts you buy.

Some Rockauto parts are made in the USA and some Rockauto parts are made in Mexico, China, India and other countries as Rockauto sells American made auto parts as well as aftermarket auto parts made in different countries.

RockAuto does sell very good parts and they carry OEM and aftermarket parts to fit almost any vehicle around.

RockAuto has been in business since 1999 and they are a very trustworthy and legit company.

RockAuto is a small automotive company based in Wisconsin with only 50 employees and an annual revenue of $41.0M.

RockAuto does not offer free shipping although they do have pretty cheap shipping.

No shipping is really free and it's paid for by being added to the cost of the merchandise you buy.

By charging shipping the company RockAuto can keep auto part prices at a good price.

RockAuto is good with returns.

To receive a refund, cores must be returned within six months of the purchase date.

You are responsible for return shipping costs unless the rockauto catalog or return instructions state otherwise.

You may obtain a shipping label from their Order Status & Returns page to take advantage of our discounted rates.

RockAuto's return policy states that you can return any purchased part within 30 days.

If you want to get a refund, the part in question must not miss any pieces.

Also, make sure you send it in its original packaging.

RockAuto Parts are new although they also sell remanufactured auto parts as well.

If the auto part is remanufactured then it will list it as being remanufactured in the parts description when you look at it to buy.

RockAuto sells and ships OEM as well as Aftermarket auto parts.

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