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asked Jan 19 in Grade Schooler by paratom (9,090 points)
So I was told you can un-potty train someone in all ages. To me it interesting, how would you do that? I really wanted to know!!!

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answered Jan 19 by Danieldiap (4,000 points)
You can un potty train someone of all ages.

To un potty train someone of any age you would put them in diapers or they would wear diapers and then the person would use the diapers for both poop and pee.

No toilets and the toilet should be locked and the person being un potty trained should be reminded to use the diaper instead of the toilet.

Eventually the person wearing the diaper would get used to just using the diapers and not hold it back before they pee.

I've been un potty training myself and not have been fully using diapers for almost a year now and would never go back to the toilet.

I just started wearing diapers and using them for both poop or pee.

I would sometimes try to go to the toilet but then remember that I had a diaper on and that I would use it instead.

Now I go pee or poop without even thinking about going to the toilet.

I've pooped my diaper in public and while grocery shopping and I just pee whenever and not think about it.
commented Jan 19 by paratom (9,090 points)
Ok Daneldiap, it sounds great and promising. The boy is 13 and with his Mom giving him full permission, since Monday after school,he's been wearing diapers and pullups. Tuesday, started to wear full time. He was told not to hold it. When did you started noticing a difference?

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