Is it possible to lose bladder control if you wear diapers for too long?

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asked Sep 11, 2018 in Incontinence by Applejackie (250 points)
Is it possible to lose bladder control if you wear diapers for too long?

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answered Sep 11, 2018 by BogaD (300 points)
I can't say from experience because I don't wear diapers but I don't see how wearing and using diapers for too long could cause a loss of bladder control.

The reason I say this is babies wear diapers all the time and use them from birth up until 3 years old sometimes and the babies and toddlers using their diapers are able to be toilet trained and have bladder control.

However I could see how it could be possible to weaken your bladder from emptying your bladder right when you need to into the diaper and not thinking about it.

But even if you do weaken your bladder muscles somewhat I'm sure overtime you could do exercises to stretch and strengthen your bladder muscles again and regain complete control.
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answered Sep 11, 2018 by Pamperslover (10,050 points)
I gave up the toilet a few years ago and now wear disposable diapers full time for both pooping and peeing in.

I haven't lost complete control of my bladder by using diapers all the time instead of the toilet but I did lose slight control and if I wasn't wearing a diaper then I would pee a little in my pants.

So although you shouldn't lose complete control over your bladder and become completely urinary incontinent using diapers you still might eventually lose partial control where you will have to wear diapers all the time unless you want wet pants.

If were to go without diapers I'd have wet pants so I prefer to wear diapers and I find it more convenient to wear and use diapers instead of having to find a toilet in public.

I can just pee or poop wherever I am and can clean up later. I actually enjoy walking around in a poop filled and urine filled diaper.

If you do lose some control over your bladder by wearing and using diapers you can do exercises to build the bladder muscles back up to where you could hold the urine in.

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