When do you turn your heating on for the winter?

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asked Sep 11, 2018 in Polls/Surveys by Adf289 (58,560 points)
When do you turn your heating on for the winter?
Now that Fall is almost here and winter quickly approaching I thought I would ask people on here when they turn their heating on in their homes for the Fall or winter?

Do you have a set date or set month when you turn your heating on for the winter or do you turn the heating on in your home when it gets cool or cold in your house?

Right now the temperature is 65 F but supposed to get to 58 F tonight for the low and it's chilly enough outside to wear a jacket already and I now have a jacket on inside the house as well because I don't want to turn my heating on just yet because it's not even October or Fall yet.

I'm trying to hold out until it gets to November 1st before turning on the heat side of my Furnace.

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answered Sep 11, 2018 by Christeen (70,120 points)
I don't have a set date to turn on my heat.

I can afford the heating no matter what time of year it is so I turn it on when the temperature gets a little chilly in the house.

If I have to put a jacket on then the heat is getting switched on.

I like to be comfortable in my house so I have the heat on when it's chilly out.

Right now the temp outside is 58 F but the inside felt cool so I turned the heating on to take the chill off.

The heat doesn't have to run too much like it does in the freezing temperatures but just enough to take the coolness and dampness out of the house.

It's also a good idea to turn the heating on before it gets too cold so you can burn off any dust and make sure that your heating is in good working order.

It's better to find out now about problems with your heating system instead of during the cold temperatures when heating repair companies are in high demand and you're sitting in your house freezing.

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