Best Bathroom remodel ideas

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asked Jan 6 in Maintenance/Repairs by Harrius (2,490 points)

Planning a bathroom remodel and on the lookout for the best ideas. How can I achieve a modern and functional space that stands out? Seeking advice on innovative storage solutions, trendy fixtures, and color schemes that bring a sense of tranquility. Share your best bathroom remodel ideas—let's inspire each other!

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answered Jan 6 by Kolin (2,210 points)

For a standout bathroom renovation in Toronto, consider incorporating floating vanities—they create an illusion of space and add a modern touch. Experiment with matte black fixtures for a trendy and elegant look. When it comes to color schemes, a combination of muted tones like sage green and white can bring a serene vibe. For a successful bathroom renovation in Toronto, I recommend consulting with Superbreno . Their expertise in innovative designs and functional spaces ensures a top-notch result. Reach out to them for personalized advice—they'll turn your bathroom into a stylish sanctuary.

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