Why is wearing diapers considered to be socially unacceptable?

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asked Sep 7, 2018 in Incontinence by Sonja UI (230 points)
Why is wearing diapers considered to be socially unacceptable?

Why is it that as an adult who wears Adult Diapers it's social unacceptable and we have to make every effort to hide the fact that we're wearing diapers?

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answered Sep 7, 2018 by Pamperslover (10,050 points)
When people are babies it's seen as acceptable for the babies and toddlers to wear diapers since they're unable to care for themselves and unable to use the toilet so it's acceptable for the toddler or baby to wear and use their diapers so a babies or toddlers diaper doesn't have to be hidden.

But it still doesn't make sense because those who're incontinent cannot control their bladder or sometimes their bowels so they need to wear diapers for that.

In some peoples eyes when we become adults we're expected by those adults to be able to care for ourselves and be able to control our bladder and bowels but those people are stupid.

No matter what anyone else says it's still okay for an adult older kid or teenager to wear diapers whether they need to wear the diaper or whether they just want to wear the diapers like I do.

I started wearing diapers 24/7 because I prefer to wear the diapers instead of normal underwear and I love to use the diapers because there's no other better feeling to me than a soaking wet disposable diaper between my legs.

The wet and dry diapers I wear brings me happiness and reduces stress and although I used to care what others thought of me wearing diapers I now don't care what they say and don't go out of my way to hide the diapers.

Do your best to hide the diapers under your pants or shorts but remember that if those people still see that you're wearing a diaper and making fun of you then you can remind those people that when they were babies or toddlers they wore and used diapers just like everyone else.

I personally would find it more embarrassing to be seen in public with wet pants or poop running down my leg than to be seen wearing a diaper that contains the urine or poop.

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