What does eggshell parents mean?

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What does eggshell parents mean?

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Eggshell parents means a parent or a mother or father that displays unstable moods, inconsistent behaviors, outbursts etc that causes the mothers children or child to walk on eggshells around them.

Children of eggshell parents or eggshell mothers or eggshell fathers might develop constant hypervigilance, always on the lookout for potential emotional outbursts.

These children may take on the role of soothing their parents, prioritizing their needs over their own, leading to confusion and emotional burden.

Children who grow up in a household where they are continuously subjected to eggshell parenting behaviors have a greater risk of developing complex post-traumatic stress disorder which is commonly referred to as PTSD.

The psychological effects of controlling parenting can have negative, long-lasting impacts on emotional well-being and mental health.

Studies indicate that children and adults can experience symptoms of anxiety, depression, poor self-esteem, and elevated stress.

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