Coffee machine is broken again

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asked Dec 12, 2023 in Other- Sports by Turip (1,000 points)
Good afternoon, my coffee machine is broken again, I can't find any good parts for it, please suggest some good store, thank you!
Preferably the parts should be original!

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answered Dec 12, 2023 by bubalex (5,250 points)

So annoying when a good coffee machine goes on the fritz. I've been there after my Delonghi started playing up too. Turns out it just needed a decent descale and filter replacement. Had a hunt online and found Appliance Spares NZ sells official Delonghi Coffee Machine Water Filter . Managed to grab one of their brand new water filters for a great price, the DLSC002 one. Fitting it was super straightforward following their video guide. My machine is back to brewing silky smooth lattes and long blacks like nothing happened! The filter makes a huge difference keeping it in good nick too. If you think yours might just need some TLC, could be worth browsing their parts. They deliver nationwide and have awesome customer service in my experience. No more trips to overpriced coffee shops for me now, phew! Let me know if you get yours working again.

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