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asked Nov 24, 2023 in Answerpail by paratom (9,090 points)
Let's say you have a sister, mean at times. As the brother you decided to stick her fingers in Luke warm water, she pees the bed and not knowing it.

Now do you keep doing it for a week so she gets use to waking up wet or just 2 times is enough?  Will she start wetting the bed for a few weeks? Like what happens

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answered Nov 25, 2023 by 13yolddiaperboy (1,010 points)
My older sister did this to me a few years ago and she kept putting my hand in lukewarm water at night.

I was unaware as when I fall asleep I am very hard to wake up.

So she kept doing it for around a month on me and I found out one morning as I was waking up as my sister was removing my hand from the bowl of warm water.

I did the same to her a few weeks later and kept doing it for 2 months and she could not figure out why she was wetting the bed.

She was 16 and had stopped wetting the bed by age 8.

I finally fessed up and told her later on that I had done the same thing to her as she did to me.
commented Nov 25, 2023 by paratom (9,090 points)
Oh cool, so you both still bedwetting because of that?

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