Who is behind Mint Mobile?

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Who is behind Mint Mobile?

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The company behind Mint Mobile is T Mobile.

Mint Mobile is not a Chinese company and is owned by T Mobile and has headquarters in Costa Mesa, CA.

Mint Mobile, LLC is a mobile virtual network operator owned by T-Mobile US that offers prepaid mobile phone plans with physical SIM cards or eSIMs.

The company Mint Mobile was bought by T-Mobile for $1.35 billion.

Ryan Reynolds has assumed many guises since he shot to fame in the 1990s.

And while the Deadpool star has become a widely recognized actor, he's also become closely associated with his two brands—Aviation Gin and Mint Mobile.

Mint Mobile is backed by Ryan Reynolds, who is believed to own 20 to 25 percent of the company.

The purchase was announced back in March 2023, but the FCC only approved the deal last week.

The sister company of Mint Mobile is Ultra Mobile and also now T Mobile.

As part of its concessions, the carrier T Mobile agreed to unlock devices purchased on Mint Mobile and its sister company Ultra Mobile after 60 days, including devices purchased before T-Mobile acquired the companies and those purchased going forward.

Using Mint Mobile is a great deal for most users.

With Mint's phone service you'll have lower prices and flexible contract terms.

Because it's an MVNO, Mint can suffer from deprioritization, which means users will see their service slow down if the network becomes too congested.

T-Mobile agreed to pay $1.35 billion to acquire Ka'ena Corporation plus its subsidiaries and brands, which include Mint Mobile and Ultra Mobile, a wireless service offering international calling options to communities across the country, plus wholesaler Plum.

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